What to Expect from an Experienced Rigging Company

The most important aspect in a rigging company is safety as the number one priority. Many companies indicate an emphasis on safety, but putting that into practice can take extra time, additional equipment, and specialized training. A newer rigging contractor or company will not have the experience necessary to fully assess the situation or the needs. Is that a risk worth taking for the business?


There is the safety of workers to consider, along with the safety of people in the surrounding area. While that is the primary aspect, it is not the only one to consider. The building, rigging equipment, and any tools or equipment used while on the rigging are all business assets that can be damaged with inferior rigging installation.

Liability is also a concern for the business owner. Any accidents, injuries, or even deaths caused as a result of faulty rigging can end a business in more ways than one. Settlements or judgments can result in bankruptcy. Unfavorable publicity can do irreparable damage to a business. Increases in liability insurance premiums may also bury a business, especially a small one.

The Advantages of Single-Point Responsibility

An experienced company offers more than just rigging installations and services. Turn-key solutions to address all the rigging and machine moving needs of a business makes projects run smoother. A single point of contact, one invoice, and one company to install, crate, haul, and dismantle equipment is efficient, cost-effective, and easier to schedule. The company will work around the business schedule to minimize downtime.

Contractors and project managers can facilitate mechanical, structural, electrical, and civil installations or relocation needs. Services are offered for one machine or relocating an entire plant or factory nationwide. Demolition services, asset recovery, and warehousing are offered as well. If rigging or equipment requires adjustments or re-calibrating after the heavy hauling and installation is completed, millwright services are available.

One Last Covered Need

The sales and rental of new and used equipment and machinery are also available through the same one-stop company. Professionals can make recommendations based on current equipment, the new location set-up, and the needs and budgets of the business. Instead of dreading a major move, find an experienced company and relax.