5 Fundamental Concepts to Drive Traffic for Blog Internet Marketing

Follow these concepts of traffic generation for internet marketing of a blog strategy and your blog might be the next big blog on the internet. Beginners on the internet are excited to have a blog or a website on the internet. But successful business owners who are making money on the internet are seasoned web owner. People who have been around for years and use these concepts often if not daily. Generating traffic is not as hard as long as you know how to do. You will need traffic and lots of it. As a matter of fact, other than finding and/or creating content for your site you the webmasters biggest job is to figure a way to direct more traffic to your internet marketing blog or website.

One way to go about generating traffic for your site would first be to post, post and post more. The best blogs will post anywhere from 2 – 20 times a day. When posting this many times a day short, concise sentences are the way to post with a word count anywhere between 20 -200 words per post.

Another great way to create traffic would be to write articles. Instead of posting that many times a day write an article and that way you can post on your blog or website once a day to a 2-3 of times a week. Remember having a website and or working on a blog should be fun and possibly give you a certain amount of pleasure. In writing articles they should be a bit longer then a normal post. The article should be a focused driven and relate to one topic per article. Logically put together with some thought and foresight, parts of the article should be a title or heading, a summary, the body and a conclusion. Your article should have a word count greater than 300 words.

Try to give positive comment on Blogs this concept is very easy and successful. A pet peeve with bloggers is to not keyword spam in other words do not overload a comment with keywords without commenting on the blog, but rather use your name and add some value to the conversation in a positive way. A way to find blogs and websites you can leave comments on is to go into Google, and in the search box type;

Powered by WordPress +”internet marketing” + “comments”

This will bring results of WordPress Blogs about the topic internet marketing and on these results you can leave comments as well.

Use backlinks, pings and trackbacks are vital to internet marketing. Linking to Industry Leaders and allowing them to do the same is a way of giving some link juice to fellow bloggers in your niche. What will happen is they will link back to you when you have a quality post on a topic they have not covered yet.

The art of Guest Posting is another great way to generate traffic. You can access hundreds and even thousands of new customers with each guest posting. You will open your subscriber list up to the fellow web owner as they will do the same for you, a win-win situation. Make sure to create some great content within your articles, so as to make a good first impression.

These are just some of the fundamental concepts in generating more traffic to your website or blog. You may experience using quite a few of these concepts and if you were to start using just some of them you will see your traffic increase. You will possibly see your income increase as well. Happy internet marketing!